Retirement Plans

At i2i benefits, we believe that Ridiculous Service standards for every aspect of the employee benefits package we work on, including retirement plan. This Ridiculous Service model translates to helping plan sponsors build a fiduciary process to help manage potential liabilities, hands on service that saves on your teams time involvement, and thoughtful employee communication that continually reminds your employees that the company is looking out for their best interests and they can trust the information they receive from our team. Our process focuses on four key areas toward ensuring a successful plan operation and participant experience.

Investment Analysis

The Prudent Person standard is why we exist as an advisor. While there are plenty of organizations willing to provide their opinions on the market, we believe in a thorough, thoughtful process that allows proper participant diversification, expense management, and consistent market appropriate performance. Building a portfolio that is geared towards your specific participant population, following a process with specific analytical data points, and documenting the reasoning behind your decision making process helps our clients focus on their specific business while knowing their participants are being given the tools they need to help their efforts to build a successful retirement portfolio.


All of the work plan sponsors invest in selecting the right providers, building a strong investment portfolio, and designing an appropriate plan design is worthless if the employees don't fully understand the benefits and tools available to each of them through the plan. We believe in one on one communication with your participants when possible. Our educational meetings are geared towards helping participants truly understand the risks and benefits involved when participating in your plan. We work with the individual to help them determine whether or not the plan is the right vehicle for them at this stage in their life, provide them with tools to get their financial plan on track, make tweaks along the way, or guide them regarding appropriate choices. We have seen time and again that education is best absorbed when it is personalized for each employee.

Benchmarking Analysis

Whether you are building a plan from scratch or managing hundreds of millions of dollars in your retirement plan, fiduciaries have many choices of recordkeepers and administrators to choose from in the market. We take a no nonsense approach when benchmarking vendor options. We have yet to find the perfect provider, but by understanding your demographics, desired services, and budget, we work to help you find a solid solution that is a good fit for your desired objectives. We continually work to stay in tune with market leaders, innovative products, and behind the scene operations to cut through the sales pitch and provide you the real world pros and cons of each product available in the market.

Fiduciary Guidance

While other advisors strengths revolve around investment strategy, we feel our key differentiator in the market is our focus on overall fiduciary guidance. With experience using the majority of products available in the market, helping design hundreds of plans, assisting employers during onsite DOL audits, acting as the intermediary between you and your auditor, we have proven on timeless occasions that we are truly a partner with our clients on their retirement plans. Every step of the way the actions we take are to help our clients manage exposure to fiduciary liability and to develop a high quality plan that ultimately benefits each participant.

The i2i Difference
Bridging service, experience, and technology to bring employers and their employees a unique and fully customized consulting experience. It’s time for you to experience the difference with i2i.

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Investment advice offered through Global Retirement Partners, LLC (GRP) a registered investment advisor. GRP and i2i Benefits are separate non-affiliated entities. Nate Wall is registered to discuss securities related business in CA, OR, and WA. CA Insurance License #0H75635. WA Insurance License #807051.