Covered California, the California public health exchange, conducted a webinar today introducing their online enrollment system.  This provided the public with their first glance at the new online enrollment and eligibility system for the public health care exchange. There are many challenges that Covered California faces as they develop their enrollment system.  From marketing the site, communicating data to the carriers,  linking to other government systems, building the user interface, and much much more. The one item we're looking at here is how the system will allow people to pick a plan that correctly matches their health needs and budget.  All the while knowing that their target audience of "uninsured Californians" may be less familiar with the internet and  health care terminology. At this initial roll-out, the system does contain some good features to assist people with electing the best medical plan to meet their needs.  Enrollees run through a few questions to assess their health needs and classify their utilization of health services, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4.  The enrollee also weights their preference for the level of premium versus deductible their budget allows.  From the system's rules based platform, the enrollees are provided with a select set of plans to choose from. The system displays the plan selections in a simple format allowing for an apples-to-apples comparison. Beyond the website, Covered California will have a service center to assist people with questions and agents will be available to assist people with enrolling.  There will be resources available to people to seek assistance. This is only one in the many steps we see in the full implementation process for Covered California. We are tracking each step as Covered California works to enhance their system to make it easy for uninsured Californians to now access health insurance. You can view the slide show presentation here  to see screen shots of the new system.