with you every
step of the way

Comprehensive consulting services with an innovative approach to build a package that meets the unique needs of your business.

Global consulting services with experience in all major markets to service expatriates and local national benefit requirements.

Strategic and personalized consulting services aimed at building a competitive group portfolio and providing employees access to a personal advisor.

Human Resources education, tools, and advice tailored to any company size or any location within the country.

Business Partner

As a true partner, we are an extension of your team. Forget attending webinars or seminars, we meet with you to understand your needs. Then tailor our consulting to provide education, compliance, and advice that is relevant.


Employees expect technology and we let you deliver this with your own custom mobile app and enrollment website and availability of all plan documents online.

Employee Consulting

Your greatest assets are your employees and we need them focused on your business and not their benefits. We are your employee’s single point of contact to describe benefits, resolve claim issues, or understand their leave rights.